im back and im going to start posting aqw and wqw hacks starting next friday!

so comment what do you think!


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Housing/Castles Update

100 House Items Created So Far!

We have a lot of things being worked on at the same time, but I would like to give you special insider information on the new house/castle system that is coming very soon. You will be able to buy your own house in game. The first one will likely cost 1,000g and be available for both Free Players and Members. Upgrading your House to a Mansion, Castle, Underground Lair, Flying Fortress (and whatever other crazy things we add) will require Membership. You can customize your house with tons of interesting items which you can buy with gold, find on quests, create with the upcoming craftsman class. Invite over your friends! You control who is allowed to visit your house/castle (Allow only Friends or Guildmates or even No one at all*!) You will have complete control of your own house in-game. Some items will give you bizzare and mod-like powers allowing you to run your own shop, throw parties, run contests, set traps and play pranks on guests… the opportunities are endless**! We are aiming for a test release not this Friday, but the next. Meanwhile, we are cooking a SPECIAL surprise for you this week***….

* No girls allowed! Eeeeew cooties!
** Limited only by the speed that our hands can draw and code.
*** ??????????

Forum Question: What type of house do you want? … and what do you want to put in it?

ALSO: New Save Chuckle’s Wallpaper available on our Official Wallpaper Site by Randor the Red.

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It is happening!

It is happening!
A chuckle’s skull spotted on one of the servers

The very first Chuckle’s Skull has been spotted on one of the servers*. The skull unlocks for those who got the save chuckles t-shirt. Click on it and it does it’s maniacal laugh… it also will give you a quest to visit Death** and do the very first step of the forum-spawned save Chuckle’s quest chain.

* We know this because someone got their shirt in the mail before we put the version of the skull with the quest on the live servers, lol! We just got the bug report and were like… OH NOOOO!!! We did fix it in 3 minutes though <wipes brow… whew!>
** Who would have thought a cutscene that awesome was secretly hidden in there?

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Coming Soon To Aqw

  • Necromancer and Doom Knight class armors (For Evil players)
  • Factions
  • Chapter 3 of the Storyline
  • PvP (Player VS Player)
  • High Level Monster Balancing
  • Item imports from AdventureQuest, DragonFable, and MechQuest.
  • Player Housing.
  • Guilds
  • The MechQuest Art Book with a special code that will unlock the SkullCrusher armor in AQWorlds!
  • Stats: Power up your character.
  • Traning room for Good and Evil players.

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The SleuthHound Inn

A HUGE Whodunnit Mystery!
Are you ready to put your detective skills to the test? Come to the grant opening of the SleuthHound Inn… a great mystery is afoot! (Erm… might be a hand too.) This new release features tons of new costumes, weapons, deadly furniture, and NPCs.


Also, watch out! Sneevils are breaking through and entering the town of Battleon. Are we really going to lose the war… to Sneevils? Finally, the Book of Lore has been updated!

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Happy Birthday DragonFable!

Happy Birthday DragonFable!
A special week for DragonLords
THREE* fire elementals blaze upon sticks mounted on the eternal Dragon shaped cake. Before we unleash the wind elemental to blow them out to celebrate this amazing day…I would like to shine a light elemental’s spotlight on the incredible DragonFable team: Cysero, Geopetal, Rolith, Ghost, Alac, and Tomix. Their hard work, humor & crazy creativity have made DF the huge milk-shooting-out-of-nose success that we all love. It has a VERY special place in my heart. (…and not just because ArchKnight has been rebuilt and is being completed in DF — if you are not up to date, the blonde girl has been fixed but is now shoots fire balls out of her mouth when she tries to speak, lol.)

* Bad time travel faeries, bad!

Most important of all, this is a special day for the DF players. Through their ideas, support and monster-slaying they have helped created a game so awesome and unique that is heavy competition even for the AQWorlds MMO! Congratulations and happy Birthday DragonFable!

<Wooooooosh…. wind elemental gust…. the candles become blown out and then the room falls to complete darkness.>

<Whispering> Cysero and Geo slipped me the secret that the DragonLords are in for a treat as their Baby Dragons are about to grow in size.

<That was like the sound the dark thing from Lost makes>

Hey, did someone let a Darkness Elemental out again? AHHHHHHHHH!

Cell Phone / SMS Payments
Just added: E.T. Phone home… for A.C.?
It is now possible to get AdventureCoins or a 1 Month upgrade using your cell phone. We know a lot of players have been asking for this for a long time — thanks to Captain Rhubarb for getting it to work yesterday! You can use your cell phone to pay as one of the options when you go through the upgrade process.

Sneevils Winning?
The unexpected is about to happen….
The town of Battleon has been attacked by Dragons, the Undead, armies of Horks**. We have beaten them back effortlessly. So… how is it possible the Sneevils are about to take our town!?

** Contrary to popular belief, and in-game cannon, the correct spelling is indeed Hork. Half orc, half pork! The other.. other… white meat.

AQW Art Suggestion Forum
Miltonius wants you!
Check out our new official forums made especially for your creative side. It is being headed up by Moderator Cubal (He is awesome). Miltonius put in a special request for this forum area to be built for you — so expect to see him there!

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Art Contest Winners!!!
As you know friendly AE Team attended the JACON convention last weekend. We hosted a panel about our games, during which, the audience voted for the winners of our latest Art Contest! We would like to thank everyone who drew art for the contest. You are used to thousands and thousands of people seeing your art on the forums… but there is something special about a small room looking at your art up on the projector, and really showing you how much we appriciate the amazing art you created….

See the Art Contest Winners

Everyone that submitted art to the contest is a winner in my book. (Except those two guys who submitted pictures that they found on the internet and were busted by the audience. Shame on you two!) By participating in this contest you were part of something special — and we hope you are looking forward to the next one for another shot at the Grand Prize!

JACON 2009
WOW! Thank you to everyone who attended the panel. I cannot believe that some of the attendees drove all the way from Miami (Roshuno), Georgia (Obishawn & Mishella) and Texas (Stella) just to be there with us. Not to mention our ultra fan (Thank you Afilova!) It was a memory we will always cherish. We hope you had a good time! If you were not able to attend, here is what you missed…

Real Balloon Dragon
Rawr! (Real Balloon Dragon)

Beleen, our newest team member, also happens to be a master Balloon animal/weapon creator. So she made a giant balloon Dragon which was awarded to the winner of our live-action Punt Twilly contest. (Actually, it was more of a Golf Twilly contest as contestants used the life sized, foam, Cysero Hammer that Roshuno brought as a gift. He also made Galanoth’s DragonSlayer sword, and my Battleaxe!) We showed the Artix vs Undead and MechQuest: Death From Above videos on the semi-sorta-not-really-but-it-still-counts-BIG screen projector! We had some trivia questions and threw candy prizes at the audience (it took them a while to realize that the real prize was the piece of paper taped to it… with a code on it!) For the record, yes… I got busted eating one of the Reeses Peanut Butter cups while sitting up there. As usual, the highlight of the panel was every time Cysero got the mic. His answers to even the simplist questions always makes me (and everyone else) laugh. One of the best running gags is that Cysero is the guy with your missing left sock. He said that sock pets were a DragonCon only thing… so instead he recreated Beleen’s balloon Dragon in AQW and gave it to everyone who attended the panel.

Cysero and Beleen Balloon Dragon
Balloon Dragon

Also at the panel, for the first time ever, people got a sneak peak at the never-before-seen MechQuest Art Book. We had the final proof with us (You know, the version right before it goes to print) and we tore out pages, signed them, and gave them away. (Crazy right?) We are sure those ultra rare pages will one day go on eBay for like… almost 2 cents! Also, we believe that by dividing up the pages and scattering them around the globe, we are setting the stage for some epic quest. Uh oh… wait…

MechQuest Art Book
MechQuest Artbook
Featuring: 120+ pages of full color art, How to Draw section by Thyton and Oishii, the Scrap Yard, Behind the Scenes, first look at Transforming star ships, and there is a scratch-off on the inside cover that unlocks an exclusive mecha model in MechQuest and matching armor in AQWorlds!

Available this Summer!

Artix: Aisha, we do have another copy of those right?
Aisha: Why? I thought you did’nt need them any more.
Artix: !

Alright…. so did we make a compelling reason to come see us if we are ever at a convention near you? To everyone who could not attend we really wished you were there. Of course we are going to get a chance to meet you in-game soon with some of the new events that are coming up. (Hint: We are coding our first Game Master run, live, mini-war that we can spring at any time for you.)

Also, we would would like to thank the amazing JACON staff for inviting us and helping us through all the crazy stuff that happens. Including my blunder about how many team members would be attending. They really went above and beyond (Mega thanks to Ben, Lisa, and especially Kenneth for a great convention!)

Finally, I would like to share a moment that meant a lot to us. Players of our games come from all parts of the world and are all ages. A Mother (who’s daughter, Afilova, was cosplaying Thursday from DragonFable) had come up and personally told Cysero that we were, “nice, good natured fun loving guys and gals.” She told us initially she was dubious at how much of a devoted fan her daughter was of our games… but after seeing us in person and seeing that we were as interested in our players well-being as she was in her daughter’s that, she was happy to support her Daughter’s continued interest in our games. (Was that a run-on? Her Mom is also a teacher so I am going to get busted for this one.)

The next convention will be at is DragonCon in September. We have TWO panels scheduled. The first one will be about our games… the second one is going to be PURE CHAOS.

Battle on!

Coming this week!
… check back tomorrow for news on this week’s completely unpredictable release. Originally we were going to do the world’s most crazy Whodunn’it Mystery but it is such a big project (40 room map) that we are going to work on it an extra week. We do not have long before the next Lord of Chaos emerges, so I ask… what would you like for this week’s release?

The staff is currently testing the new AQWorlds Battle Bar. First… yes, it is yet another one of these seemingly infinate toolbars that every other computer company on the planet wants you to install their version of. Google… Yahoo…. you name it. This one, of course, is specifically for AdventureQuest Worlds uber gamers. As you can see in the graphic below it tells you your Gold, AC, and clicking the Friends button will instantly bring up a friends list and tell you who is online.

The big benefit of this tool bar is the built in Yahoo! Search that will earn you AdventureCoins!

Cysero, Warlic, Zhoom and I are using it now… if it passes inspection (by us and the rest of the team) we will release it on Friday.

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